Age Group Water Polo

This is for all kids not yet in high school that have progressed past splashball. It is recommended that new 8th graders going into 9th grade utilize this session to begin. The focus will be on basic skill instruction and game strategy. Athletes that wish to move up to the high school group for winter training (not yet in high school) will need to contact Coach Fountain or Coach Latham for evaluation.



Winter Water Polo 


Full Winter (November 30th - March 3rd) - $350

Session 1 (November 30th - January 20th) - $225

Session 2 (January 24th - March 3rd) - $225


NOTE: For Champions Cup BOYS members - you have the option of applying your remaining credit to this training. Please make sure you select the correct option, so if some of the credit was used for the November Wolverine Tournament - you would select the smaller ($122) credit. Otherwise, you can select the $157 credit. We will verify once registration is complete and reach out with any questions should there be some.



Monday & Wednesday - 7 to 8:30 pm at Rockford HS

Tuesday & Thursday - 7:30 - 9:00 pm at Grandville (7:30 - 8 will be dryland)



Includes: Great Lakes Winter Classic, Great Lakes Scrimmages, Wolverine Tournament & other potential local in-state events

Age Group Registration

12 week or 6 week sessions!
  • Full Winter - $350
  • Session 1 (November 30th - January 20th) - $225
  • Session 2 (January 24th - March 3rd) - $225
  • Note - those with Champions Cup Credit can claim when registering!

Age Group Calendar