Welcome to Global Leader Aquatics, Your Houston Saltwater Aquarium Supplier

We are the Woodlands Texas and surrounding area’s premier choice for quality saltwater fish, and live coral. We offer the local saltwater enthusiast friendly service and competitive pricing.

We are new to the Woodlands, but not new to the Aquarium Business as we have moved from our Humble location to the expanding Woodlands area. Our tanks come in many sizes and can be ordered at any dimension to fit in anyone’s home. We carry an extensive line of dry goods with focus on the reef-keeping hobbyist.

Catering to the Aquatic hobbyist is a passion of mine. I have kept and maintained saltwater aquariums for over twenty years. I combine my “practical” experience in managing aquariums with useful, objective advice. His helps build a lasting relationship with my customers that is unique in today’s world of gimmicks and sales people.

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